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After the successfull tUM in 2oo2 we are ready to present you an upgrade of your favourite party directly after christmas:

tUM*o3 - the Ultimate Meeting 2oo3

This time the party is going to take place in Hemsbach, not far from Mannheim where tUM*o2 happened.
The party starts on Saturday (December 27th) 12:00 and ends on Monday (December 29th) 12:00. The complete address of the location is:
Hüttenfelder-Strasse 44
69502 Hemsbach
The entrance fee will be 25,- EUR (no other currencies!) for three days. We don't sell single-day tickets. Girls get in for free.
Just as last year we offer an reduced entrance fee of 20,- EUR for people travelling very long distances to visit tUM. To take advantage of this special treatment foreigners have to contact us in advance!
Table reservation and/or paying in advance is not possible.

The entrace fee will be used to cover our expenses for location, equipment and the repair of damages. What's left over will be used for competition prizes (in this very order!).

Here the main features we can offer you so far:
  • Nice, warm and cozy location with space for about 300 visitors
  • Enough free parking lots close by
  • Plenty of real demoscene competitions for c64, pc and console and of course individual artists compos
  • Big screen with high quality beamer and decent audio equipment
  • Enough AC for everyone (please, be sure to bring your own power extension sockets!)
  • Rudimentary party network: just as last year we'll equip every row of tables with one or two uplinks to a backbone. Please, bring your own switches/hubs/cables as we can't provide/lend these!
  • Pure scene feeling: NO GAMERS/LEECHERS! Sorry, but tUM is for the demoscene only. Consider going here if you like to spent your holidays gaming.
  • Hotel with special discount directly at the partyplace (check the location section for more info)
  • Cheap food and drinks at the partyplace and nearby. Information on how to find local shops, restaurants and supermarkets will be available at the partyplace
  • tUP: the Ultimate Pizzawave (last year's visitors might remember it ;-)
  • Plus a lot more like: stylish party t-shirts, funcompos...
Finally some important rules for those who consider attending tUM'o3:
    We are NOT responsible for items you bring to our party getting stolen or damaged. Take care of them yourself and most important: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! We are not responsible for accidents caused by your own dumbness/drunkness.
    THIS IS NOT A LAN/GAMING PARTY! Gamers will NOT be permitted entry in order to have more space available for sceners.
    Disturbant individuals causing damage to things or other individuals will be thrown out (no refund of entrance fee) and most likely handed over to the local police. Damages will be charged to the vandalist. So, behave yourself!
    To prevent power failures, please don't bring stuff like: toasters, fridges, any kitchen equipment, heaters or lavalamps ;-) with you. These things are responsible for power failures. Extension sockets that are defect and those without earth contact will be confiscated and destroyed.
    Our visitors will have to respect German law. Illegal actions, especially regarding software piracy, can not be approved of. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is tolerated ACCORDING TO GERMAN LAW and as long as you don't disturb others.