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2oo3-12-3o the ultimate results 2003 now onlin
Check out the results here.
2oo3-12-26 Get in contact
Got lost? Important Questions? Call FZool for help: +49 160/96445238
2oo3-12-13 tUM*o3 Timetable is online
Only two weeks left before tUM*03 opens doors. We finally managed to put up the final timetable for you. If you didn't register yet, please do so now. Let's have a nice party!
2oo3-12-o8 DreamCast Demo Compo Prizes settled supports us with great prices! Check out the compos-section to read more!
2oo3-12-o8 Bus from cologne
Digitale-Kultur eV manages a bus ride from cologne! Get more information here
2oo3-12-o8 Assembly-DVD
Crest has a special offer for you at tUM*o3! Get the Assembly-DVD for only 11€. If you want one, please contact him!
2oo3-11-o8 Let us invite You!
Yeah, we got an invitation intro for the C64 ready.
For those not having a C-64 (shame on You ;-): it also runs on PC using an emulator. It was done by Britelite^Dekadence, Heinmukk^Salva Mea and Fzool^Salva Mea^Sds.

Check it out now!
2oo3-11-o2 the Ultimate SEGA Dreamcast Compo
We'd like to announce that this year's tUM will feature a special competition for the SEGA DreamCast. The competition is initiated and sponsored by
They will also provide us with prizes worth about 500,-EUR in special DreamCast-hardware. Be sure not to miss this feature and check the compo-page for detailes rules!
2oo3-1o-24 Offer/search a ride online
Just as last year the tUM-website features the "offer/search a ride"-area where people can communicate regarding giving/offering someone a lift to tUM.
2oo3-1o-19 A quick reminder
People traveling long distances to visit tUM may receive a rabate on the entrance fee. However they MUST contact us in advance and provide us some infos (who will come, from where, how and when). This way we can make sure that you will get caught up from the railway station in Hemsbach.
2oo3-o9-29 Location pictures
Check the location page for some nice pictures of our location.
2oo3-o9-28 Travel infos online
You can now check the travel-page for information about how to come to the party
2oo3-o9-25 Location found!
We must be crazy! Look at the partyplace features so far.
2oo3-o9-14 Compo rules updated!
Some rules have changed! Check them out.
2oo3-o9-o1 tUM*o3 organizing in progress
We, the tUM organizing team, are still heavily working on the planning and preparation of the Ultimate Meeting 2oo3 which is going to take place from 27th to 29th of december somewhere in south germany.
At the moment we are still in contact with some people regarding potential locations.
So please, check back now and then for further details,

signed tUOS (the Ultimate Organizing Staff)

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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange