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Official tUM*02 Results

PC Pixel GFX
121Welcome The Downlordby Helge/Haujobb
110harkonenbesuchby tomic/bypass/unik
90Pubertät des Grauensby critikill/farbrausch
86Gepöbelby CP/Farbrausch
63Juice Divingby Mantra/Addict+Scenic+NAHKolor
27oh meby bigben/mindforce
23Morgenrufby T$
DQschnaader at TUMby schnaader/avenger squad^dawning
149bismarck und all antisemiten abgeschafftby Noize/Kolor
91Friendsby Tomcat/Scenic
75Hallby jar/science^black maiden
43throndorby bigben/mindforce
136Evoke&TUMby Avenger/Black Maiden
64Explizit nich fickenby n0Y/N.E.V.E.R.
59Spaceshipby Kami/CRO
43Der Wille zur Machtby Elend/Impure
41Winter Depressionby Kojote/Bytegeiz and Sueno
4-Channel Music
113dirty nuskool ameega funkby dipswitch/dcs
84clust0rby dhg/chinaunik
60Chip 17by EHa/Salva Mea and Smash Designs
54Fluche nicht!!!by Skyrunner
5010years protrackingby Curt Cool/Depth
45Musik ist lustigby Vhiiula/Dawning^Analogik
40Total Dope Exstaticby Laxical/Scoopex&TSL
2890000... und Ihr Schiffby Snej
21Loolosing Tumby Kuttenbrunzer/Transport
113ready when you readydipswitch & psychofreud/dcs + black maiden
71asinsaina rmxby raver & 187/phantasy
43make a man cryby dixan/spinning kids & mfx
38Veiled Skyby Laxical/Scoopex & The Silents
37Turn the Hourglassby Skyrunner
33gedicht ohne titelby manx/NEVER
32Spokus Pokusby Shorty
31Battlestarby Vhiiula/Dawning^Analogik
29Precious Bloodby datan/the NEVER
mp3 / ogg
75Juego Del Espacioby wayfinder/farbrausch
66couchpotatoby dhg/unik
61for mindwaveby jco/die wissenden
58Der Gedanke und das Meer (Valhalla)by paniq/roeun
40rollin againby genox/vantage / calodox
37shadow driver (oma remix)by vudu/freestyle
28Dangerousby Laxical/Scoopex & The Silents
28Primary Stateby dixan/spinning kids & mfx
28Cubeby Teo/Kangaroo
23Substanceby microgroover/Wrath Designs
21Power is Knowledgeby Vhiiula/Dawning^Analogik
20Run 4 your lifeby Ed/Wrath Designs
17Spacebinby GH/Wrath Designs
11Interludioby Sultasan
10Universe Melting Aroundby Xiaounqua
4k intro
234raumwerkby Igor/black maiden
95Faktoidby T$
87les bp,[bx]by ctulhu/headcrash
80Pixel4K (c64 entry)by Quasar/Centric
57schnatterfleckby bienenstick
34sanados sarvadby schnaader/avenger squad/dawning
DQfarbverlaufby n0y/NEVER
64k intro
199fr-029: dopplerdefektby farbrausch
153clusterby jar, p-rat/science
152fr-minus-03.2 : rausch-o-matby farbrausch
108copeur de rougeby oruen/oruen production
101Triage 7by usual/Smash Designs
82People in my Headby Diver/Salva Mea
212Planet Loopby Madwizards
145Suspeckt The Molesby Abductees Mutter/Speckdrumm
132Darkstarby Smash Designs
98f1rstroby sultasan/nogroupdammit :)
87formularsof narf by Tomaes/TAP
C64 music
64HiSocietyby Heinmukk/Salva Mea
62Boese Hexeby DaLezy/Creators and F4CG and Rebels
Keleleby Gh
.tuneby Ed/Wrath Designs
28Weronikaby HmMurdock/Tropy and Draco and Cascade
C64 Gfx
39Back to the Treeby Leon/Singular Crew
34.picby Joe/Wrath Designs
22Spacesailby Dwangi
65Aftersunby wiRe/Napalm